Joe and DeAnn

Joe McAlpine is an expert at doing things the hard way. Moving to the rolling hills of Kettle Moraine Wisconsin in 2013, he has literally experienced it all. Joe has traveled the world, climbed mountains, and even eaten a guinea pig in the remote hills of Equador (tastes like chicken!).

Joe has also experienced deep heartache and loss. He knows what it is like to fall into a bottomless pit and somehow find a way to climb out, dust yourself off, and build something better than before you fell in the first place.

Joe is an avid musician, playing everything from the piano to the mandolin. He is very active at Mosaic Church in Slinger, WI.

Joe is engaged to the amazing DeAnn. He also has 4 children; Eli, Selah, David and Libby. Somehow (in his mind) he is amazed that they still think he is the coolest thing since Wendys came out with vanilla frosties!

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